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Charter Accountability

From effective and efficient reporting to impacting performance, the Office of Compliance & Accountability's core function is to oversee compliance as well as ensuring coordination and communication among, and between, schools and The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools and its oversight team. It has built its reputation on quality data, sound and unburdening processes and expert staff. It has done this with the design of effective, comprehensive systems and tools.

Using tools like the nationally recognized Individualized School Performance Review (ISPR) and Epicenter, this office works with vigilance to guarantee schools are performing up to the high standards expected of one authorized by Central Michigan University. With comprehensive and effective systems in place, this office can help identify a charter school's strengths and weaknesses and impact change when and where necessary.

Amy Van AttenMs. Amy S. Van Atten-Densmore
Director of School Operations

Ms. Van Atten-Densmore is responsible for directing the Center's functions associated with charter contract accountability, which includes reauthorization, compliance and oversight, contract amendments, site and facilities, educational service provider and lease agreements. Amy brings a wealth of experience having knowledge and expertise in all aspects of school operations from multiple perspectives of the charter sector. Prior to joining the Center in 2009, Amy served as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Leadership Development for the National Charter Schools Institute. She also brings to the organization operational experience from an educational service provider, having worked as the Director of Business Services - Michigan Division for White Hat Management, LLC. Amy formerly served as the Director for Oversight and Assistant Director for Finance for the Center. She holds bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.



Ms. Suzanne M. Ballard 
Charter Accountability

Ms. Ballard performs oversight duties within the Office of Charter Accountability at the Center. In this capacity, Suzanne monitors charter schools' compliance with insurance requirements, reviews educational service provider agreements, financings and leases. Suzanne holds a bachelor of science degree in hotel and restaurant management from Kansas State University and a master's degree in business administration from the Illinois Institute of Technology.






Megan BrownMs. Megan M. Brown
Charter Accountability

Ms. Brown is responsible for development of charter contracts for schools undergoing reauthorization as well as newly authorized schools. Megan is also responsible for maintaining familiarity with charter school issues, plans and challenges as recommending action, as appropriate, on behalf of the Center. Prior to joining the Center, Megan worked in the field of local government providing a variety of administrative services to municipalities within the State of Michigan. She earned both her bachelor and master degrees from Central Michigan University in the area of public administration.





Terri EllisMs. Theresa W. Ellis
Charter Accountability

Ms. Ellis is responsible for the review and assessment of certain charter school documentation, ensuring compliance with contract reporting requirements and applicable law. Terri is responsible for maintaining familiarity with charter school issues, plans and challenges and recommending action, as appropriate, on behalf of the Center. Terri is responsible for ensuring compliance with contract reporting requirements and applicable law through the efficient and effective use of AOIS. She is also responsible for ensuring all charter schools have a fair and equitable application and enrollment process. Terri holds a bachelor of arts degree in communications from Michigan State University and a master's degree in administration with a public administration concentration from Central Michigan University.





Lisa WheatonMs. Lisa P. Wheaton
Charter Accountability

Ms. Wheaton is responsible for the annual development and dissemination of the Center's Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements ("MCRR"). She coordinates and oversees the Center's processes regarding both school staff review as well as the site and facility reviews. In addition, Lisa coordinates the Center's complaint process relating to external school parties. Lisa earned a bachelor's of science degree in health promotion and rehabilitation and a master's degree in educational administration from Central Michigan University.





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