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Performance Series by Scantron

MAP by NWEA & Performance Series by Scantron

MAP by NWEA & Performance Series® by Scantron is a group of Internet delivered, computer adaptive assessments in the areas of Reading, Math, Science and Language Arts. The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools requires that Academies test students in Reading and Math each fall and spring.

During a computer adaptive test the questions automatically change and adapt to each student's ability based on how they answered the previous question. For instance, if a student answers correctly, the difficulty of the next question will be greater; if a student answers incorrectly, the next item will be less difficult. Results are available instantly because the test is scoring as the students move through the test. Teachers have access to student scores the moment testing is completed.

Reports can be generated in a number of different ways: school-wide, grade level, classroom, student, groups, disaggregated by demographics, gender, ethnicity and No Child Left Behind required sub-groups such as economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient and students with disabilities.

Gain scores are available for every student who completes the fall and (winter or) spring test. The gain score lets the Academy know how much the student has grown over the course of one school year. These gain scores can also be viewed and disaggregated in the same manner as regular reports.


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