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Enroll in a school

Enroll in a school

Charter Public Schools Are:

Public schools governed by public officials;
Free - they are prohibited from charging tuition;
Open to all - if oversubscribed, an official random selection drawing is conducted;
Required to employ certified teachers;
Required to administer the state M-STEP tests;
Not permitted to levy millages or issue bonds for capital projects, so they typically
  must seek loans, gifts or grants to develop and support their facilities' costs; and
Subject to health and safety codes like all other public schools.

Who Can Apply

Enrollment at CMU-chartered schools is open to any student who lives within Michigan, but may be limited to students within a particular age range, grade level, or any other basis that would be legal if used by a Michigan public school district. Except for foreign exchange students who are not United States citizens, charter public schools may not enroll students who are not Michigan residents.

How to Apply

There is no common application for CMU-chartered schools; students must apply directly to the school. It is best to contact the charter public school(s) directly for specific information.

Many charter schools have a limited number of seats available for students. If more applicants apply than open seats for a particular grade(s), then a random selection drawing, or lottery, will be publicly held by a credible, neutral third-party (i.e., a CPA firm) to determine who will be enrolled.

Every charter public school is independently operated and takes a different approach to education. Learn more about each school's approach in the school listing section of this Web site. Each listing includes the grades offered, brief descriptions and contact information.

Current Charter School Students

Currently enrolled students do not need to reapply for enrollment. However, parents must notify the school by a certain deadline if they wish to re-enroll their child. Parents should contact their children's schools for additional information on re-enrollment deadlines and procedures.

Priority Enrollment in Charter Schools

The board of a charter public school may give enrollment preferences to siblings of current charter school students. It may also give enrollment preference to children of teachers, administrators, and board members. Parents should contact their children's schools for additional information about whether the board has adopted this policy for information on deadlines and procedures.

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