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Staff Review Process Guide

Staff Review Process Guide

Staff Review Process Guide 

The Terms and Conditions of the charter contract (Article III, Section 3.6) authorizes the Academy to employ or contract for personnel according to the position information outlined in Schedule 5 of the charter contract. Furthermore, the charter contract (Schedule 4, Oversight, Compliance and Reporting Agreement, Article II, Section 2.01) states that the Center may monitor and evaluate if the Academy is staffed with qualified personnel and that appropriate background checks have been conducted. Therefore, the Center conducts reviews of the Academy‘s/Educational Service Provider's (ESP) personnel records to ensure compliance with applicable law. Center staff will contact the Academy to establish a review date. The scope of the review will include teacher certification, compliance with No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified requirements, criminal background checks (State and Federal) and unprofessional conduct disclosure requirements.  The timing of the reviews will be determined by the Center but will include prior notification to the Academy. Please review the resources on this web page in order to better understand the scope of the Center's staff review process.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Wheaton at (989) 774-2100.

Click here to download the Staff Review Checklist (.pdf).


The Academy must provide evidence of a valid Michigan teaching certificate or permit pertaining to the current teaching position.

The Center will review credentials to ensure all school administrators, as defined by Michigan Department of Education ("MDE"), meet the proper certification/state continuing education clock hours ("SCECHs") requirements. Those employed as administrators on or before January 4, 2010, must complete the state's Record of Continuing Education Credits for School Administrators form. This form documents the continuing education requirement which is six semester credit hours and/or 180 SCECHs every five years. Those hired after January 4, 2010, must either have an administrator certificate or be working towards one (enrolled in a program with six months of employment date and completing the program within three years).

Michigan Compiled Law ("MCL") Citations Related to Teacher Certification

Michigan Department of Education ("MDE") Certification Resources

The NCLB requirements listed are from Section 1119 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Teachers teaching core academic subjects must be highly qualified according NCLB.  The Center will review the Highly Qualified Teacher Report Form to ensure it has been completed.  Teachers must complete the form and the Academy must appropriately ensure that the teacher meets the highly qualified requirements.

Paraprofessionals who provide instructional support in a program supported with Title I funds must have evidence of meeting the NCLB paraprofessional requirement.

Michigan Department of Education ("MDE") NCLB Resources

The Academy must provide evidence of the following CBC documentation on all Academy personnel as required by law. The following documentation will be reviewed:

For further information found on the MSP's website, please click HERE.  You will find a section for Audit information, Forms, Templates, Guidance, etc. issued by the MSP. 

Understanding & Preparing for a NCJA Compliance Audit Review
Presented by NCJA Auditor Narcisa Morris

MCL Citations Related to CBC Requirements

The Academy must provide evidence of the following UPC documentation on all Academy personnel as required by law.  The following documentation will be reviewed:

MCL Citations Related to UPC Requirements

Prior to the on-site review, the Academy will be asked to complete and submit an Academy Staff Roster. For a copy of the required Staff Roster template, please click HERE. In addition, the Academy will be asked to submit a Certification Form and copy of the Academy's MDE Permit Report, which can be accessed HERE. The required documents will be required to be submitted through AOIS.

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