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Conference Presentations and Documents

In addition to the items below, the Center provides many other resources and tools for schools. Click HERE to access administrator resources and HERE for board member resources.


National Charter Schools Conference 2016 Presentation Document


Strategic Planning - An Essential Component of Success 

Strategic Planning Workshop Booklet

NACSA 2015 Leadership Conference Presentations and Documents 


Can This Marriage Last?: The Renewal Process  

The Renewal Process Presentation - Handout: CONTRACTING_FOR_RENEWAL.pdf

Reauthorization Timeline - Five Year Charter Contract

Organizational Documents

Reauthorization Checklist

Annual Performance Reporting

Annual Performance Reporting Workshop Booklet

Academic Performance Report 2014-15

Operational Performance Report 2014-15

Academic Performance Report 2013-14

Operational Performance Report 2013-14

Fiscal Performance Report 2013-14

Scorecard 2013-14

School Profile Example 


National Charter Schools Conference 2015 Presentation and Documents 

Future Success: The Importance and Process of Board Succession Planning  

Board Succession Planning Presentation

Board Succession Planning Handouts 



NACSA 2014 Leadership Conference Presentations and Documents 

Site Visits and Educational Program Review

Educational Program Review Standards

Example Letter to Board


Developing Strong Annual Reports

Developing Strong Annual Reports Presentation

Academic Performance Report

Operational Performance Report

Fiscal Performance Report

Annual Scorecard of School Performance


Oversight Methods and Tools: Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements

Oversight Methods and Tools Presentation

Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements

Master Calendar: Quarter At-a-Glance Version

Master Calendar: Submission Forms


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